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Baby Food Recipe: Apple and Banana with Sago puree

I'm a big fan of Sago and wanted to find a way to incorporate it in my baby's diet. I decided to try to vary the basic apple and banana recipe by incorporating the sago to it. What a success! She loved it!   

This recipe is perfect to diversify the basic apple and banana puree recipe. It adds starch in baby's diet making it a filling desert or afternoon snack.

Recommended age: From 7+ Months

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Makes 4 little jars of 110ml each.


2 Small Bananas
1 Apple
50ml (1/5 cup) of Sago

Banana, Apple and Sago Ingredients



  1. Boil water in a sauce pan and place the sago to cook (around 20 minutes). .
  2. While the sago is cooking, peel and cut the fruits into small cubes
  3. Place the prepared fruits into a steamer and cook until tender. Keep the juice for later.
  4. Once the sago is cooked (you know the sago is cooked when it becomes transparent), drain the sago.
  5. Place the steamed apples, bananas and sago into a mixer and mix until you get a smooth fruit puree. If needed you can add a little bit of the fruit juice.

     Yummy Banana, Apple and Sago Puree

(Someone really loved this new flavour and texture ;) )


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