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Nestle Yoghurt "Fromage Blanc" Style with Red Fruits


Nestlé Bébé P'tit Onctueux au Fromage Blanc Fruits Rouges

Suitable for children of 6 months of age.
4 pots of 100g each

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Brand: Nestlé SKU: NS-YOG6-04
Product Description

Red fruits yogurt with 30% less sugar and made with French local milk. Practical, it can be taken everywhere thanks to Nestle's specific manufacturing process which allows it to be stored outside the fridge.


35% fermented milk (whole milk, lactic ferments), water, pasteurized skimmed milk white cheese 12.5%, 5% red fruit puree (strawberries, blackberries), sugar, cream, starches, milk protein concentrate , acidifier: citric acid, thickener: carob seed flour; natural flavor.

  • Made in France
  • No colorant and preservatives added

  • Rich in calcium

  • No need of refrigeration

  • Rich in protein